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Thursday 18th December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Friday 26th August 2011

The final Bank Holiday weekend of the summer is upon us. We are erecting two gazebos for the occasion; the first one near the wildlife pond, and the second in the Owl Garden. We plan to engage with the public, and raise awareness for conservation, as well as raise some funds for the World Owl Trust. The first gazebo will be selling owl souvenirs as well as our very own owl quiz, designed to be educational and entertaining. The second will provide visitors with the opportunity to have their photo taken with an owl. As well as all the above, we will be providing our visitors with the opportunity to become members of the World Owl Trust. The special offer for the Weekend is; a single membership for £15. Instead of the normal £18, and a family membership for £20. As opposed to the usual £24. Members are our ‘life’s blood’ and the most important aspect of the World Owl Trust, without whom none of our work could get done.

This week has been fairly uneventful. We have received a male Turkmenian Eagle Owl which has gone in with our resident female in the Main Display, and which appears to have settled in nicely. We also received a young male Spectacled Owl which is being paired off with last year’s youngster and which has also settled down well.

One noteworthy event happened today while we were cleaning the Main Display and Owl Garden; two Peregrine Falcons flew across the centre. They were there for quite a while, calling to each other. This is what gave them away. They both looked roughly equal in size; probably two juveniles; probably two ‘Tiercels’ or males in ‘normal English’. Peregrines do live in the Lake District, but are nothing like as common as Buzzards, so this was a bit of a treat to see them ‘larking about’.

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